Sesame Street Nails Biden Over ‘Elmo’ at His Rally in Philly

Sesame Street Nails Biden Over ‘Elmo’ at His Rally in Philly

When Biden and Kamala Harris went to Philadelphia earlier in the week to Girard College, a private boarding school, in an attempt to court black voters, there was a lot of comment about how they were playing these manipulative games. They tried to make it look like their audience was bigger when they couldn’t even fill up a gym (they really only filled up about half the gym). 

A good chunk of that was press, too, so it wasn’t exactly an impressive showing, particularly in the face of the big rallies for former President Donald Trump in Wildwood, New Jersey, and in the South Bronx. 


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But as we reported, the Biden team also had an Elmo come out as part of a marching band trying to drum up enthusiasm for Biden-Harris. 

Elmo is also here at Girard. Biden and Harris slated to speak in about 15 min.

— Julia Terruso (@JuliaTerruso) May 29, 2024

Now that’s causing them more trouble. They stepped on the toe

Apparently, it was a bridge too far for the folks at Sesame Street when Biden appeared to use Elmo at the campaign event. They disavowed all association with that use of the popular character.

A costumed version of the “Sesame Street” star danced in a drum line before Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a rally Wednesday in Philadelphia. Sesame Workshop denied responsibility for the Elmo appearance in a statement to The National Desk.

Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. In the video you referenced, that is not a licensed Sesame Street costume character,” Beatrice Chow, vice president for public relations and publicity, told TND.

Ah, so you mean Biden had someone who wasn’t the Sesame Street Elmo at his event? 

Isn’t that typical of Biden? The guy who had to drop out for plagiarizing and lying about his background.The guy who pretends he’s part of every culture and every religion, who seems to have a new origin story every week. So much of what he says isn’t real. 

He is all things to all people — even if he isn’t much of anything to anyone… Except, perhaps, a failure. 

But I will note that Sesame previously appeared to have the real Cookie Monster parroting Biden propaganda about “shrinkflation” and that caused a bit of a stir as well. People wondered if they’d become shills for Biden because that’s what it looked like. Biden also responded to Elmo tweeting about depression, although that’s not necessarily Elmo’s/Sesame Streets’s fault that he responded. 


Embarrassing: Biden and Dems Faceplant With ‘Cookie Monster’ Shrinkflation Gambit

At least those were general topics, not appearing to support a candidacy. But this was a bit too far and they had to speak out to say that they were not endorsing Biden. 

Who would vote for Biden based on support from a Muppet anyway? But his team has been running a clown show for a while now anyway. How desperate is Biden when he has such a lackluster campaign that he needs help from a Muppet and a drum crew to make up for energy and success? 

And even then, he gets nailed on it. 

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