New Alpina B3 And B4 GT Are The BMW M3’s Cooler Cousins

New Alpina B3 And B4 GT Are The BMW M3’s Cooler Cousins

For decades, Alpina has been taking normal BMWs and tuning them in an effortlessly cool way, often providing a more relaxed, left-field alternative to Beemer’s full-fat, lairy M cars. In 2026, though, the company will be fully absorbed into BMW, and it remains to be seen whether it’ll be able to continue doing its thing or if it’ll be reduced to a poshed-up trim level.

If the latter’s the case, though, then Alpina’s making sure it sees out its independent days in style. It’s just revealed harder, faster GT versions of the B3 and B4, its takes on the current 3-series and 4-series Gran Coupe.

Alpina B4 GT - rear

Alpina B4 GT – rear

The headline is that both cars have had their 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-sixes’ power upped to 522bhp which, you’ll note, is precisely one fewer bhp than the recently-updated M3. Torque is an equally healthy 538lb ft, with both B3 and B4 driving all four wheels through an eight-speed auto. The result of the extra power is a top speed of 192mph in the B3 GT saloon, and 190 in the B3 Touring and B4. Should come in handy on the Autobahn.

Alpinas have never quite been up there with the best of the M division in handling terms, but the chassis on these GTs has been given a good going-over nonetheless. The B3 GT, based on the newly-facelifted 3-series, gets stiffer rear suspension mountings, with the saloon also getting a bigger rear stabiliser bar. Both B3 versions also get revised dampers.

Alpina B3 GT - interior

Alpina B3 GT – interior

The B4 GT, meanwhile, benefits from new front stabilisers and recalibrations of the variable steering, active damping and four-wheel drive system.

Because they’re Alpinas, they come with the option of some almost painfully cool art deco-style pinstriping and feature the latest 20-inch forged version of Alpina’s signature multispoke rims. These are finished in a GT-exclusive shade of gold called Oro Tecnico. The cars also get a set of subtle canards on the front bumper and new, larger rear diffusers.

Alpina B3 GT - front

Alpina B3 GT – front

The interior is trimmed in posh ‘Lavalina’ leather and gets a build plaque and some Alpina-specific graphics on the digital cluster. Carbon fibre trim is standard.

All this coolness doesn’t come cheap, with the most affordable of the trio – the B3 GT saloon – starting at £89,300, or nearly £7,000 more than a basic M3. Nonetheless, if these really are the last of the old-school Alpinas, then they’re a heck of a sendoff. If, on the other hand, they hint at what we can expect from the brand under full BMW control, then colour us excited.

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