Will Chris Birch Dare to Cross the Lost Bridge?

Chris Birch, a well-known name in the enduro world, takes on yet another daring and challenging ride. In a video shared by the Kriega YouTube channel, Chris and his team attempt to cross the Lost Bridge, an old and seemingly dangerous bridge built many years ago.

The Adventure Begins

At the start of the video, Chris and his team are seen preparing for a ride on a slippery and challenging terrain. It is mentioned that it had been raining all night, making the roads very slick, but this doesn’t deter the brave team from continuing their journey. Despite warnings from his teammates, Chris decides to press on.

A Rocky Road

Along the way, the team encounters a few hiccups—think of them as nature’s speed bumps. A handgrip goes rogue, but nothing a trusty multi-tool can’t fix. It’s all part of the fun, right?

The Lost Bridge

The biggest obstacle is the old and unsafe-looking Lost Bridge. The team debates whether the bridge is safe to cross, but Chris bravely decides to go ahead. As expected, the bridge is extremely dangerous and difficult to cross, but Chris successfully makes it to the other side. It is noted that the bridge was built in the 1800s, around the same time as the hut they are trying to reach.

After a tough journey, Chris and his team finally reach their destination. When they arrive at the hut, which was built in 1890, they are tired but happy. Inside, the hut lacks much insulation, and the team members discuss where they will sleep.

This thrilling adventure showcases the courage and determination of Chris Birch and his team. Crossing the Lost Bridge will be remembered as an unforgettable moment for enduro enthusiasts.

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