The Ford Mustang GTD Starts AT £315,000

The Ford Mustang GTD Starts AT £315,000

We know the new Ford Mustang GTD is going to be a highly specialised bit of kit, with over 800bhp from a 5.2-litre supercharged V8, an F1-style drag reduction system, and tricksy inboard suspension. It was inevitable that all that tech, performance and exclusivity was going to come at a cost, but hoo boy. The GTD isn’t going to be cheap in Europe.

European applications for a build slot for the most hardcore Mustang ever opened up following its Euro debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which also came with confirmation of estimated pricing for various markets. If you’re ordering your GTD here in the UK, Ford reckons you’ll need a bare minimum of £315,000.

Ford Mustang GTD - side

Ford Mustang GTD – side

For comparison, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which is likely to be the GTD’s closest rival at launch, officially starts at a measly £192,600 (although the likelihood of anyone actually paying that amount for one is near zero).

It’s a heck of a lot of money for a Mustang, then, but then the GTD is by some measure the most extreme, performance-oriented version of the pony car there’s ever been. And hey, we’ve got it better in the UK than other parts of Europe. In Norway, for instance, you’ll need to find 5.479 million krone, or around £407,000.

Ford Mustang GTD - rear wing detail

Ford Mustang GTD – rear wing detail

The country where European buyers will take the biggest hit, though, is Austria, where the GTD will cost an estimated €525,500 – approximately £443,000. In contrast to this are Germany and Romania, the European markets where it’s most ‘affordable’ – a steal at €359,900, or around £303,500. All European markets take a hit over its North American homeland, though, where the GTD costs the equivalent of ‘just’ £274,000.

The application process for Europe is similar to that of the US, asking various questions about your relationship with the Ford brand, performance cars in general, and your public influence. We’ve been through it for purely journalistic purposes, so we’ll let you know if Ford deems my 519 Instagram followers worthy of a build slot.

Ford Mustang GTD - rear

Ford Mustang GTD – rear

Interestingly, the application process also notes that the GTD might not be approved for road use in all markets – it’s currently undergoing approval, but could end up as a track-only toy in certain parts of the world.

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