Inside the Success of South Korean Brands

Inside the Success of South Korean Brands

The specific and effective strategies that catapulted these brands to global success.

June 20, 2024

Drew Angerer/Getty Images


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  • Two decades of effective strategy and execution have given birth to some of the most attractive brands in the world: the K-brands. But what has become a key geopolitical asset for South Korea is no stroke of luck — it’s the result of an innovative approach that can be adapted by entrepreneurs, brand managers, and marketing executives around the globe. These brands: 1) encourage fast and fun consumer discovery; 2) elevate themselves through immersive experiences; 3) experiment throughout the product life cycle; and 4) promote their brands through content creation.

    The last two decades have seen South Korea emerge as a cultural powerhouse on the global stage. K-pop groups like BLACKPINK and BTS have become worldwide megastars, with the latter’s overall contribution to South Korea’s economy estimated at US$5 billion, while TV series Squid Game drew more than 111 million views worldwide within 30 days, the biggest launch in Netflix’s history. The country steadily churns out award-winning K-movies and K-dramas, boasts a shiny contemporary art scene, and has the world’s fourth-largest gaming industry. And the K-beauty market is expected to hit US$18.32 billion in revenue by 2030.

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