Ranking 10 potential Knicks trade targets for 2024 NBA offseason

Ranking 10 potential Knicks trade targets for 2024 NBA offseason

Coming off back-to-back losses in the second round of the playoffs despite having found a competitive core, the Knicks are likely to make their big swing on a star trade this summer while they still have a ton of assets — and before the restrictive new CBA goes into full effect.

Here are the top 10 trade targets for the Knicks this offseason, ranked:

10. Dejounte Murray

New York was rumored to have been looking at Murray this past trade deadline, and could get another shot this summer as Atlanta looks to shake up its roster. Donte DiVincenzo is likely the better fit, but the Knicks will weigh any upgrade in talent out there.

9. Karl-Anthony Towns

Minnesota likely isn’t dealing him, and the Knicks would have to pay a premium for a marginal upgrade over Julius Randle (if that), but there are arguments for trading for Towns. He’d provide a boost in spacing and shooting from the four spot and add a couple of inches to the New York frontcourt.

8. Kyle Kuzma

After injuries to Randle and OG Anunoby sank New York in the playoffs, added frontcourt depth should be an area of focus in trade discussions. Kuzma is a dependable scorer and defender, but would he accept a smaller role on a winning team after turning down a trade to Dallas last season?

7. Bruce Brown

This is where the list gets much more realistic, and Brown may be the best available target for the Knicks this offseason in that category. Brown would provide backcourt depth with his all-around game, helping the Knicks create, connect, rebound and defend. And he shouldn’t cost them more than Bojan Bogdanovic and some draft capital.

6. Alex Caruso

Caruso has made back-to-back All-Defensive Teams, and quietly hit 40 percent of his threes last season on a career-high 4.7 attempts per game. If Chicago is interested in dealing him, the Knicks should be all over the pursuit, as his game is a match made in heaven.

Mikal Bridges Treated art

Mikal Bridges Treated art / USA TODAY Sports/SNY Treated Image

5. Mikal Bridges

Bridges perfectly straddles the line between addressing New York’s needs and fulfilling its wants for a star. He was a superb 3-and-D player before being asked to take on too much of a burden on a struggling Brooklyn team, but can join his ex-Villanova teammates across the East River as the final missing piece toward contention.

Unfortunately, the Nets and Knicks haven’t made a trade in decades, and it doesn’t look like Brooklyn has any intention of trading Bridges anyway.

4. Donovan Mitchell

Two summers ago the Knicks were knee-deep in trade talks for Mitchell, who ultimately went to Cleveland and may sign an extension to remain there. Of all the names on this list, Mitchell’s — ironically — may be the least realistic to obtain. But should he become available for some reason the Knicks should not pass on pursuing him again.

3. Paul George

George would be another perfect star fit — a high-powered scorer who doubles as one of the league’s best 3-and-D wings. He could start at the two next to Anunoby and form the best defense in the league, without sacrificing anything on the other end. And he wouldn’t derail the Knicks’ culture. He’d just have to turn down extension talks and unrestricted free agency, then request a trade to join them.

2. Kevin Durant

If the Suns are breaking up but consider Devin Booker untouchable, Durant would be a strong consolation prize. Knicks fans may not be too keen on the idea given his past comments about the franchise and recent superteam failures, but that might be overthinking this.

Durant had an MVP-lite season in 2023-24, averaging 27.1 points, 6.6 rebounds and five assists on 56.7 percent shooting from two and 41.3 percent from three. This while almost single-handedly carrying the Suns and playing 75 games.

1. Devin Booker

There’s no reporting suggesting Phoenix is shopping Booker, but after a first round sweep to Minnesota capped three straight disappointing finishes since their 2021 Finals appearance, some discord within the locker room wouldn’t be surprising.

If the Suns do abandon their big three, or Booker requests out, the Knicks would be an ideal destination as a team in another conference with an All-Star talent and huge draft capital ready to ship.

Booker should be their number one target as he’s one of the top 15 players in terms of fit. He’d bring elite shooting and scoring to the two spot without wrecking their defensive makeup or bringing an entirely new team culture with him.

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