HMM takes delivery of LNG-ready HMM Ruby

HMM takes delivery of LNG-ready HMM Ruby

June 24, 2024,

Ajsa Habibic

South Korean shipbuilder Hanwha Ocean has handed over a newbuild LNG-ready 13,000 TEU containership, HMM Ruby, to compatriot shipping company HMM.

Courtesy of HMM

HMM revealed the ship’s delivery via social media update on June 24, stating that HMM Ruby is ready to embark on the PSX route (Pacific South Express, connecting South Korea and the United States) starting June 25.

Named after the birthstone of July, HMM Ruby is the seventh of twelve LNG-ready 13,000 TEU containerships ordered by the Korean shipping player at Hanwha Ocean and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries in 2021.

Under the contract, each shipbuilder will construct six vessels with advanced energy-saving technologies that are expected to increase fuel efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions. The ships come with LNG-ready structures for potential conversion to LNG propulsion.

The first unit from this series, HMM Garnet, was built and delivered by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries in January 2024.

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When the delivery of twelve 13,000 TEU ships is completed this year, HMM’s fleet capacity is forecast to reach a total of 1 million TEUs. In particular, large containerships of more than 10,000 TEU will account for 80% of the shipowner’s entire fleet, enhancing cost structure and operational efficiency.

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