The BMW XM Is Already Set To Die

The BMW XM Is Already Set To Die

It’s possibly the most 2024 car in existence, but the opinion-dividing BMW XM hasn’t quite been the success story its maker hoped. Perhaps because of its vast cost or its styling that’s a step too far for even the most ardent defenders of BMW’s recent efforts, sales have been sluggish.

Now, it looks as if BMW’s already getting ready to pull the plug, if a supply chain insider is to be believed. Automotive News reports that it spoke to the unidentified analyst, who said that BMW plans to drop the XM with no direct replacement once it reaches the end of its life cycle in 2028.

BMW XM - rear

BMW XM – rear

It was previously expected that BMW would follow it up with an all-electric second-generation, but that’s now expected not to be the case as the brand looks to consolidate its model range.

Launched in 2023 and available with straight-six or V8 hybrid powertrains, the XM is only the second car from BMW’s M performance division to not have a non-M equivalent, the first being the wedgetastic M1 supercar from the late ’70s. In its top £174k Label guise, its 738bhp makes it the most powerful BMW road car ever.

BMW 4-series - side

BMW 4-series – side

It’s nevertheless not been a massive success for the German company, with almost universally derided styling and a lukewarm reception to its driving experience, which is perhaps why it now may not have a future beyond its current iteration.

Automotive News also offered some insight into some of BMW’s other potential product plans, which naturally focus heavily on electrification, but also leave space for niche, sporting models. The combustion-powered 4-series reportedly won’t survive beyond its current generation, with only the electric i4 carrying forward.

BMW 6-series - front

BMW 6-series – front

The 8-series is also apparently being phased out, but there’s better news there: it’s said to be getting sort-of replaced by a return of the 6-series coupe, which went out of production in 2018 (let’s not talk about the gawky 6-series Gran Turismo).

That’ll apparently launch in 2026, sitting on architecture that allows it to take ICE, hybrid and fully electric powertrains, and retake the place of the also middlingly-successful 8 as BMW’s flagship coupe. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it winds up looking like the excellently sharky Skytop concept.

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