President Biden needs to be replaced: Letters to the Editor — July 1, 2024

President Biden needs to be replaced: Letters to the Editor — July 1, 2024

The Issue: Pressure for President Biden to leave the race after his debate performance last Thursday.

For the Democrats, the soul-searching is already underway (“Exasperated Dems: Time to go, Joe,” June 28).

While some made politically necessary statements about Biden’s ability to recover from Thursday night’s debacle, they should be concerned about not only losing the White House, but also scores of other down-ballot congressional, state and local races across the country.

They have very little time, as they have only eight weeks until their nominating convention to determine whether Biden has a realistic chance of winning in November. And, if not, who are their options: Vice President Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Joe Manchin or Gov. Gavin Newsom?

The question for Biden is: What is more important — his ego, or his often stated concern for the country and our democracy if Trump was to be reelected?

Dick Newbert

Langhorne, Pa.

As despicable as I believe President Biden is, I don’t see any other choice than to replace him on the ticket.

The Democrats don’t have a bench like Casey Stengel did with the Yankees, and Vice President Kamala Harris is even more lowly regarded than Biden. And even the 2 ¹/₂ months between Nov. 5 and Jan. 20 could be agonizing with Biden still able to do more damage.

Warren Goldfein

Mount Arlington, NJ

I am currently a moderate Democrat. I have voted in 17 presidential elections, mostly for Democrats. I voted for President Biden in 2020. But I will not be voting for Biden in 2024.

Why? Because I’m 85 years old and in very good condition for my age. But I also know how much I, and my contemporary friends, have physically and mentally deteriorated within the last decade.

Should Biden run and win, the physical and mental condition he’ll be in five years from now is frightening.
That goes for former President Donald Trump too, but that’s not for me, but rather for Republicans, to tell him.

Alan Leader

Wayne, NJ

The Democrats know President Biden is mentally incompetent. Just watch: A prominent Democrat will be invited to replace him.

But either Biden or any replacement would be disastrous for our country. For example, look at what California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s policies have done to his state.

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Elizabeth Tebeaux

College Point, Tex.

Thursday night, the Democrats intentionally sacrificed one of their own, so that they can appear to search and draft a hesitant savior — who will only come forward to save their party and our country from “evil” Trump. Their hatred isn’t for the Republicans, it’s almost exclusively for Trump.

Michael Kukura

New City

Be careful what you wish for. Trump can easily beat Biden, but another Democratic candidate can likely beat Trump — for two reasons.

First, a majority of Americans prefer candidates other than Biden or Trump. And second, the liberal media’s extreme dislike of Trump will push voters to a new Democratic candidate.

Robert Berk


Democratic strategists have been worried for a long time about President Biden’s senility.

They’ve been searching for a pretext to ditch him, and his dismal debate performance provides them with an excuse to persuade him to resign. This presidential debate was held at an unusually early date, precisely so that the Democratic Party could test whether Biden could still keep it together before the Democratic National Convention.

Now, they can ease him out before he is locked in as the official November candidate, and they can debut someone younger and quicker at the convention.

Robert Frazer

Lancashire, U.K.

President Biden looked and performed as he is — burned and aged out. For the benefit of America, he should immediately resign in honor.

Joe Schwarz

Penticton, Canada

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