Kylie Kelce Wears T-Shirt with Image of Viral Fan Confrontation on Front

Kylie Kelce Wears T-Shirt with Image of Viral Fan Confrontation on Front

Kylie Kelce
Turns Fight Into Fashion …
Shirt Featuring Fan Confrontation

Kylie Kelce‘s turning a viral moment into a new wardrobe choice … ’cause she’s rocking a new t-shirt with a pic of her famous confrontation with a fan on the front.

The wife of Jason Kelce wore the top while at an event recently … and, check out the shirt ’cause it tells you exactly how KK’s feeling about her now-viral clash with an overzealous fan.

The T’s got a pic of Kylie engaged in the infamous shouting match … with the words “Standing On Business” plastered across the front — so, clearly Kylie’s sticking by her actions.

She posed with multiple fans at the event … pictures of which Kylie shared to her IG with a caption explaining how she came by the iconic T.

Kelce says she was given the shirt by fans who wore similar attire to the Eagles Autism Foundation event last month where she was signing autographs.


ICYMI … Kylie and Jason went out to New Jersey for a low-key date night when Andrée Goldberg — a big fan of the famous couple — tried to get a pic. The request went sideways though, and the two women ended up getting nearly nose-to-nose in the parking lot.

Goldberg later apologized for her actions publicly, adding she’d already apologized privately to the Kelces … but unclear if Kylie’s accepted given her new favorite t-shirt.

Bottom line … don’t mess with Kylie — she’s ready to handle whatever comes her way.

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