How to complete Hale’s Moving House in Once Human

How to complete Hale’s Moving House in Once Human

Hale’s Moving House is a world event in the first area of Once Human featuring a large moving house at the top of a hill. Your goal is to get inside it, solving a puzzle that will reward you with a unique chest you can loot.

There’s a special trick to defeating the moving house. It can be difficult to figure out what you need to do to get inside the home, and it might be confusing what you need to do when you actually make it in. Thankfully, after you figure it out, it should be easy to make short work of Hale’s Moving House in Once Human.

How to get into Hale’s Moving House in Once Human

How to get into Hale's Moving House in Once Human
Shoot the glowing orbs to make the house fall down. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When you arrive at Hale’s Moving House, it’ll be a large, hill-sized creature with large legs sticking out of it. You can hit as much as you want, but you won’t do any damage to it unless you hit the arms sticking out at the center. These arms have small, blue orbs floating above them. Shoot the hands enough times, and these orbs should disappear. You must destroy all the glowing hands to proceed to the next step in Once Human. It’s an event different from the Sunbury Middle School passcode or the Martial God’s Home quest.

After all the orbs have been destroyed, the house should topple to the ground. When it’s on the ground, look for the glowing ports of air shooting out of the ground, close to the tail-end of this creature you can use to jump onto it. There should be three of them. When I first completed this portion in Once Human, I couldn’t use these ports as they fell on the other side of a hill. I had to wait until Hale’s Moving House stood back up to try again before entering.

How to find hidden mind shards in Hale’s Moving House in Once Human

Destroy Murals in Once Human
Shoot the inanimate objects and paintings to find the hidden mind shards. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When you’re inside Hale’s Moving House, the quest will say you need to destroy the mural inside the house. The painting you want to destroy should be the one that makes the loudest sound effect as you get close to it. You can take out any ranged weapon to begin damaging it; damage numbers should appear as you hit it.

Eventually, a mind shard should shoot out from the painting. You need to repeat this process with other furniture scattered throughout the house. This can be any object inside Hale’s Moving House, such as a light switch, a vase, or a painting. You’ll know you’re getting close to the object as you hear the distinct sound effect from earlier growing louder. I recommend moving throughout the house to hunt down this sound effect, or you can use your ranged weapon to shoot any object until you see damage numbers popping up when you hit something.

After you do this twice, a chest appears inside the house, revealing your reward in Once Human. The house should become a standard once again, and you’ll have the chance to hunt it down again for another shot at more loot and rewards.

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