How and Where to Watch Semi-Finals in Euro 2024 – Live Stream

How and Where to Watch Semi-Finals in Euro 2024 – Live Stream

If you’re wondering where to watch the semi-finals of Euro 2024, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll share the official streaming apps for Euro 2024 broadcasting and review the best ones.

If you’re unhappy with the streaming options in your region, we’ll also explain how a VPN can unlock new ways to watch the semi-final games.

With the Group stage matches now complete, England and France remain the front-runners to win the tournament; both teams are likely to make it to the semi-finals Euro bracket.

Germany, thanks to its home advantage, could also make it to the semi-finals, and Portugal, under Cristiano Ronaldo, also stands a very good chance.

Semi-final 1

  • Location — Munich, Germany
  • Local Time — 9 PM, July 9, 2024
  • Where to Watch — Fox Sports, FuboTV, VIX
  • Predicted Winner — Germany

Semi-final 2

  • Location — Dortmund, Germany
  • Local Time — 9 PM, July 10, 2024
  • Where to Watch — Fox Sports, FuboTV, VIX
  • Predicted Winner — France

Where to Watch the Semi-Finals at Euro 2024 Live

Every year, the UEFA partners with local broadcasting networks to ensure that the Euros are available to viewers worldwide. In the US, its official broadcasting partners include Fox Sports, FuboTV, and VIX.

In the UK, it’ll be aired by BBC and ITV. Here are the top streaming services where you can catch the Euro 2024 semi-finals live, as well as the other tournament fixtures:

Streaming Service Free Version Price
🇬🇧 ITVX Free in the UK £5.99 ($7.59)/month
🇺🇲 DAZN 7-day free trial $19.99/month
🇦🇺 Optus Sport Free base plan $6.99/month
🇬🇧 BBC iPlayer Free in the UK
🇨🇦 TSN+ $8/month
🇩🇪 ARD Plus 14-day free trial €4.99 ($5.33)/month
🇺🇲 FuboTV 7-day free trial $74.99/month
🇺🇲 Hulu + Live TV 3-day free trial $76.99/month
🇮🇳 SonyLiv Some free content INR 999 or ~ $12/year

As you can see, viewers in some countries can watch the semi-finals for free or at a very low cost. In other countries, streaming the live match is more expensive.

Luckily, you can access free streaming services like BBC iPlayer using a VPN that costs less than $7/month. In fact, using a VPN, you can access every streaming app available to you, no matter where you are.

Watch Euro 2024 Semi-Finals on ITVX

ITVX is the streaming app by British TV channel—ITV. It’s free for those with a UK postcode. We tried generating a postcode with Doogal and UKPostCode, both of which work fine with a VPN.

Once you’ve signed in, ITVX offers over 15,000 hours of content, including the entire Euros 2024 schedule, plus exclusive podcasts, post-match reactions from players, expert commentary, and articles by pundits.

The ITVX user interface

Using ITVX, you can watch the exclusive Euro 2024 channel, which streams insightful soccer content 24/7. The user interface is simple; however, the free version contains ads.

For the best sports viewing experience, you’ll have to upgrade to Premium ($7.59/month).

Watch Euro 2024 Semi-Finals on DAZN

DAZN is among the best streaming services for watching sports. Originally a British Over-The-Top (OTT) platform, it’s now available in 200+ countries, including the US, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

Besides Euro 2024, a subscription to DAZN will give you access to a wide variety of content. In fact, we found it to be one of the best apps for watching boxing online.

The DAZN user interface

DAZN includes a detailed match table for Euro 2024 and complete schedules explaining when you can catch the upcoming match. In addition to live matches, you can watch full replays in high definition on any device.

The streaming app’s massive library makes DAZN a goldmine for sports fans. However, the user experience can be a little slow.

Watch Euro 2024 Semi-Finals on Optus Sport

Optus Sport is one of Australia’s leading sprint streaming services and the country’s official UEFA partner for Euro 2024.

Its user interface is chock full of useful stats, match schedule reminders, and interactive filters to enrich your viewing experience.

The Optus Sports user interface

Some of Optus’ content, like its football podcast, is available for free. Premium plans are also affordable, starting at $6.99/month.

If you’re abroad or traveling outside Australia, then you’ll need to switch to an Australian server using a VPN to access the Euro semi-finals live.

In addition to live streaming the semi-final Euros, you’ll be able to watch expert analysis highlights and player interviews. Optus also airs a number of exclusive shows, like Daily Kick On, that’ll interest any avid soccer fan.

Euro 2024 Semi Finals: Full Event Details

Even though we don’t yet know who’s going to make the Euro 2024 semi-finals, the match promises to be a nail-biter.

There are still a few days – and several more exciting matches – to go before you can watch the Euro 2024 semi-finals live.

Euro 2024 winner predictions
England and France are very likely to make it to the Euro semi-finals (Source: Opta Supercomputer)

Here are the key details to help you get ready:

Who Will Play the Euro 2024 Semi-Finals?Which Teams are Predicted to be in the Euro 2024 Semi Finals?What is the Location of the Euro 2024 Semi Finals?What are the Times When the Semi Finals Euro 2024 Will be Held?Who Will Win the Euro 2024 Semi-Finals?

Which Teams are Predicted to be in the Euro 2024 Semi Finals?“>

This is a complex question right now, but based on the Euro 2024 Group stage winners so far, Germany, Portugal, France, and England are likely to be this year’s semi-final entrants.

Pundits predict that initial front-runners like Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and Ukraine might be edged out in the Round of 16 stage itself.

What are the Times When the Semi Finals Euro 2024 Will be Held?“>

After the quarter-finals end on July 6, the teams will take a couple of rest days. Therefore, the first semi-final (Munich) starts at 9 PM local time on July 9.

The Dortmund match takes place at the same time on July 10. In the US, you can live stream the Euro 2024 semi-finals at 3 PM on both days.

Opta Supercomputer’s calculations gave France a 48.1% chance of making the semi-finals and a 30.4% chance of winning.

Right now, the semi-finals look like they could be anybody’s game. If the Euros aren’t available in your region or you’d like to access a free/low-cost or more user-friendly streaming service, you can use a VPN.

How to Watch Euro 2024 Semi Finals Anywhere

Due to exclusive broadcasting deals between the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and a select few networks, you’ll be able to watch the Euro semi-finals only on specific TV channels or mobile apps.

For example, viewers in India can only view it on Sony apps and channels. This can be inconvenient if you don’t already subscribe to the network or if the streaming service is expensive in your location.

Also, the UEFA’s exclusive deals don’t cover every country; there’s no official way to watch the Euros in North Korea, for example. If you’re traveling abroad or the Euros games aren’t showing in your country, use a VPN.

Using PureVPN to watch sports

A VPN like those recommended below hides your real IP and makes it appear as if you’re in the country of the server you connect to. For example, if you connect to a UK server, streaming platforms will think you’re in the UK.

Best VPNs to Watch Euro 2024 Semi Finals From Anywhere

The best VPNs for streaming live sports will offer excellent speeds and have plenty of server locations and IP addresses.  If one IP address is blocked, you can quickly switch to another one.

Based on these criteria, we’ve shortlisted the leading VPN services that offer feature-packed, lag-free soccer viewing experiences:

VPN Starting Price Free Version Unblocks Servers Full Review
PureVPN $2.14/month 7-day trial ITVX, DAZN, Optus Sport, BBC iPlayer, TSN+, and others 6,500+ servers in 71+ countries PureVPN Review
ExpressVPN $6.67/month 7-day free trial ITVX, DAZN, Optus Sport, BBC iPlayer, TSN+, and others 3,000+ servers in 105+ countries ExpressVPN Review
NordVPN $3.69/month 7-day free trial ITVX, DAZN, Optus Sport, BBC iPlayer, TSN+, and others 6,000+ servers in 111+ countries NordVPN Review
Surfshark $2.19/month 7-day free trial ITVX, DAZN, Optus Sport, BBC iPlayer, TSN+, and others 3200+ servers in 100+ countries Surfshark Review

Editor’s Choice

PureVPN is on our list of the best VPN services thanks to its large fleet of 6,500+ servers and over 30,000 IP addresses. It also supports Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, Android TV, and Chromecast, so you can fully enjoy the live semi-final match on a big screen.

PureVPN’s speeds also range between 150 and 250 Mbps, which is excellent for live streaming. For comparison, Netflix needs 15 Mbps speeds to stream 4K video. Further, PureVPN lets you stay logged into 10 different devices simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

As the Euro 2024 semi-finals draw closer, dark horses like Italy and Croatia could upset France and England’s chances to win. The semi-finals promise to be incredibly exciting matches.

Remember, who makes it to the semi-finals is still all speculation. With the round of 16 and quarter-finals still to go, underdogs like Spain (on a winning streak) could very well change the narrative.

That’s why fans are eagerly watching every match. If it’s unavailable in your country or you’d like to watch it for free through a different streaming platform, then we recommend PureVPN.

A reliable service like PureVPN will route your internet traffic through a remote server so that the streaming provider treats you as if you were in that country.

This lifts geo-blocking restrictions and lets you freely stream the Euros on any app from anywhere.


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